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Car rental can be a necessity for travel—especially if you have flown somewhere. The rental process can be stressful, expensive, and annoying to those who aren’t experienced, or don’t understand that there are simple tricks for improving your rental experience.

For instance, it’s always best to book your car ahead of time. It often costs less money, gives you the ability to plan ahead, and the flexibility to reschedule or cancel if you need. However, when booking ahead of time, never put down any payment! The earliest you should pay is the day you pick up your rental. Otherwise, you could lose money if you change your rental, or cancel your rental.

Compare and contrast different rental providers, and read past customer reviews to get an idea of how they conduct their business. If at all possible, avoid using the car rental services available at an airport. They often cost a great deal of money, as airports charge them a small fortune for the use of an on-site kiosk. Find a means of transportation to an off-site rental facility. When returning the car, always refill your gas tank! Most rental companies will charge you a large fee for returning a car with a tank that isn’t full. Plan extra time for a stop at the gas station.

Premiere Lakeside Car Rental is an ideal car rental provider for those in the state of Michigan. Whether you are visiting the state, or need a rental vehicle for personal or business purposes, the selection of available rental cars and vans is diverse enough to suit individual needs.

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